Wonderful review 丨 Advertising industry "Oscar" annual event opened in Shanghai at 9.18


Wonderful review  Advertising industry "Oscar" annual event opened in Shanghai at 9.18

SIGN CHINA began in 2003.

Successfully created the first complete one-stop procurement platform for the advertising industry.

After 16 years of global promotion and brand accumulation,

It has developed into the world's most influential and highest level exhibition

One of the advertising industry events, also recognized by the industry

The most global and international exhibition of the audience 

It is praised by the industry as the "Oscar" annual event of the global advertising industry.



September 18-20, 2019, one of the four major exhibitions of Wenxin Exhibition - the 18th SIGN CHINA 2019 • Shanghai was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Bolan Expo Center on the 18th, I believe many friends may not be very familiar with the Shanghai International Advertising SignExhibition, we give you a brief introduction.

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    SIGN CHINA began in 2003, firstly shows laser engraving / cutting / welding / bending equipment, signage, light boxes, advertising panels, POP, indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment and ink, digital printing consumables, advertising machines, digital display / Touch / software and supporting, LED display screen, LED advertising light source, LED lighting, LED packaging / chip and equipment and other products on the same platform, successfully created the first and most complete one-stop business procurement platform for the advertising industry. After 16 years of global promotion and brand accumulation, it has developed into one of the most influential and highest-level advertising industry exhibitions in the world. It is also recognized as the most global and international exhibition of the audience”, Global advertising industry "Oscar" annual event.



As a professional ink supplier, Aomya is naturally invited to attend these excellent exhibitions. Aomya will bring some domestic hot-selling products such as sublimation ink, textile direct inkjet ink, UV ink, outdoor Eco-solvent ink, etc. to DPES Guangzhou Exhibition. You will get a close look at domestic hot-selling, newly developed digital inkjet ink products, and a professional team to communicate face-to-face with you, providing you with the one-stop digital ink private customization solution you need.





(Aomya booth 3D renderings)



Aomya's exhibition live






After three days of enthusiastic communication with customers, the exhibition ended successfully. As the saying goes, strong horse with strong saddle. Good printing products want to be printed with good results. First, the ink color should be suitable, clear, bright. One of the factors that determine color is ink. Aomya staffs always try their best and keep improving, with the "professional, quality, innovation, service" corporate philosophy, focus on customers need ,do the best products, adhere to the development model of differentiated competition, continue to create value for customers!


Main products introduce


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Company Profile


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Aomya concepts: professional, quality, innovation, service